Incorporating a Professional Corporation in Canada

In Canada, there are a number of different colleges and regulating bodies that govern specific professions operating within the province. Each of those institutions provides for their own set of requirements. The Business Corporations Act provides that members the following (but not limited to) professional and regulatory bodies are eligible to operate a professional corporation:

Chartered accountants
Certified general accountants
Health professionals regulated under the Regulated Health Professions Act
Social workers and social service workers

Customized Article: Besides provincial government, a professional corporation is regulated by professional governing body. Professional corporation’s article must be prepared according to instructions, rules and regulations of the professional governing body. Therefore, a customized prepared article must be provided or must be included with package so that our agency can prepare the article.

Easy and Straightforward Process: All though setting up a professional corporation seems complex, it’s does not have to be. Our specialists incorporate various type of professional corporation almost everyday and therefore, very familiar with the rules and regulations of the governing body.

Naming a Professional Corporation: A professional corporation can not be a numbered company, it must have a name. The name must ends with the legal suffix “professional corporation”. Professional corporation has also some other rules on shareholders, ownership restrictions etc. which are all taken care by us.

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Professional Corporations Incorporating Within Two Business Hours

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Agency Filing Fees $75
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $450

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Agency Filing Fees $75
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $452

Agency Filing Fees $75
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $692

Agency Filing Fees $75
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $452

Agency Filing Fees $75
Govt. Admin & Registry Fees $300